+ i wanted to ask about career advice.im in grade 10 and i have many ideas on career, i'm looking to pin-point it. i do biology,maths(core),science,CAT,life orientation,french and english. my first field would be in technology.i love inovations,inventions and gadgets.i like to think im creative and like exploring ideas.i feel most comfortable handing pc,labtops and any technology around me. im also intrested in graphics designing,media productions and wants to make software programs. the second field would be medicine. i have a heart for people,and a mind God has gifted me with to make quick decisons and come up with plan b's and c's. i love the idea of helping others and treating people.i would also fit in the lab, making medical drugs and development towards health. the third field is editorial field in magazines, books, and any writting productons.i'm a writter at heart.i love all things books and reading. writting is a big part of me and i am intrested in being an auhor or editor of a magazine. i need advice.please,if you have the time to read this.

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